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As part of the EMI, EMC and ESD consulting services, we offer ASIC, PCB, Module and System level performance estimates, detailed analysis and budgets and customized solutions as they relate to Electromagnetic Compatibility.  This information is valuable when trying to meet National and International Regulatory and Customer Specifications that reference the likes of the IEC, MIL-STD,  ETSI, FCC, CISPR, TIA, IC (Industry Canada), RSS, Telcordia {Bellcore}, Bell Canada, RTCA/DO-160D/E.

  • EMC, EMI and ESD Consulting at All Stages of customer's Product Developments:
    Pre-architecture, Architecture, Prototype, De-risk, Cost reduction Continuing compliance .
  • National, International, Military and Avionics EMC Standards Interpretation services.
  • EMC Assessment & Budgeting at both the System and sub system level .
  • Shielding, Grounding, Filtering Analysis, Modeling and troubleshooting services.
  • Electromagnetic Effects (EME)/EMC control plans and reports.
  • Root Cause Analysis of EMC/EMI/ESD challenges
  • Custom EMC/EMI/ESD  solutions to solve the challenges of Hydro installations, Industrial and Residential installations and Airborne product deployment.


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EMF: Electric and Magnetic Fields


Since 1993, our EMF experts have provided value added, reliable and accurate solutions to challenges related to 50/60Hz Electric and Magnetic fields. The electrical sources have been sub-station, capacitor station, power lines, overhead transmission lines, electrical wiring, equipment and appliances. Our service offerings include commercial and residential EMF testing, site surveys, modeling, analysis, mitigation, exposure assessment surveys, and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) investigations, land use planning analysis, and all types of inspection and abatement. 


Our customers continue to use our professional EMF assessment and consulting services  to make a responsible and informed decision about the area under evaluation, and to understand the options available for field reduction. The key assessment and consulting services we offer are:

  • Accurate Measurement and Validation of 50/60Hz Electric and Magnetic Fields from simple and complex electrical sources.
  • Detailed Electric and Magnetic Field Site Surveys in offices, universities, hospitals, schools, residences and industrial plants.
  • Global EMF standards Interpretation services and guidance on exposure levels.
  • Measurement and modeling of EMF levels due to single and multi circuits.
  • Commercial and residential EMF Mitigation solutions.
  • Root Cause Analysis of Electric and Magnetic Field levels.





A corona discharge is an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of air surrounding a conductor, which occurs when the potential gradient exceeds a certain value but conditions are insufficient to cause complete electrical breakdown or arcing.


We offer turnkey assessment and consulting services related Corona and Radio Interference (RI) or Radio Noise (RN)

  • Radio Interference Assessment through Electromagnetic Modeling and Field Measurements.
  • Corona Effects Assessment on Components and Systems through Electromagnetic Modeling and  Field Measurements.
  • Radio Interference Mitigation through optimum system parameters, Shielding, Grounding and troubleshooting.
  • Root Cause Analysis of Corona and Radio Interference challenges.
  • Radio Noise Impact analysis and identification of receptors sensitive to Radio Interference.





An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is an intense burst of electromagnetic energy caused by an abrupt, rapid acceleration of charged particles.  An EMP contains energy components over a large part of the frequency spectrum.   A lightning strike produces a localized EMP that gives rise to large electrical currents in nearby wires and structures. A single current surge can damage sensitive hardware such as computers and peripherals.


We offer value added assessment and consulting services related Lightning and EMP.

  • Development of Custom Protection Strategies for EMP, HEMP and Lightning threats.
  • EMP and Lightning Effects Assessment on Components and Systems through Electromagnetic Modeling and  Field Measurements (short and long term).
  • System and sub system level EMP and Lightning  Assessment & Budgeting.
  • EMP, and Lightning effects Mitigation through custom Shielding, Grounding, Filtering Design and troubleshooting.
  • Root Cause Analysis of EMP and Lightning challenges.
  • Radio Interference Assessment through Electromagnetic Modeling and Field Measurements.




With our Antenna Engineering Knowledge, we have provided custom solutions for Modeling, Analysis and Testing challenges of RF, Microwave, Millimeter wave and customer's EMC Antenna Designs. Our experts have been commended for their innovative solutions.

  • Antenna Modeling, Analysis and Testing

    Feeds for Parabolic Reflector with High F/B ratio applications

    Planar Compact Comparator for Monopulse

    Waveguide Slot-Array Antennas

    Cylindrical Phased Array Antenna

    EMC Antennas

    Antennas for Wireless Applications (Patch, PIFA, Ceramic, Helix, Wideband)

    Fractal and Smart Antennas Antenna Analysis Radiation pattern

    Gain and Impedance, Numerical Modeling & Manufacturing Tolerance, Effect of Parasitic Radiators

  • Antenna Facility Modeling, Analysis & Consulting
    Open Test Range, Anechoic Chamber, Near-Field & Compact Range




With our Industry recognized Product Safety consultants we provide cost effective solutions during design, compliance testing, regulatory approvals and certification of all Electrical and Electronic devices. We have expertise in identifying and guiding the customer in the right direction to meet the specific needs of customer products national and international requirements.